• CLASS-III X Land and aquatic animals,The plant kingdom,The animal kingdom,Human body,our environment,natural resources,The universe,Our safety and first aid,Motion transport and travel,General and applied sciences.
  • CLASS-IV X Microorganisms,The plant kingdom, The animal kingdom,Functioning of human body,soil,rock and minerals,Measurement,Force and motion,work,force and energy,matter, our environment,,The universe,General and applied sciences.
  • CLASS-V X Function of parts of human body,Nutrition, The animal kingdom,Light and sound ,The plant kingdom, work,force and energy,matter,Rocks and soil, our environment ,our universe,General and applied sciences.
  • CLASS-VI X Food,components of food,fiber to fabric,sorting materials into groupsseperation of substances,changes around us,getting to know plants,body movements,The living organisms and their surroundings,motion and measurement of distances,light,shadow and reflection,electricity and circuits,fun with magnets,water,air around us,garbage in & garbage out,general and applied science.
  • CLASS-VII X Nutrition in plants,Nutrition in animals,fiber to fabric,heat,acids,bases and salts,physical and chemical changes,weather ,climate and adaptations of animals to the climate,winds,storms and cyclones,soil,respiration in organisms,transportation in animals and plants,reproduction in plants ,motion and time,electric current and its effects,light,water:a precious resource,Forests: our loife line,waste water story,General and applied science.
  • CLASS-VIII X Crop production and management,microorganisms:friend and foe,synthetic fibres and plastics,materials:metals and non metals,coal and petroleum,combustion and flame,conservation of plants and animals,cell-structure and function.reproduction in animalsreaching the ageofadolescence,force and pressure,friction,sound,chemical effects of electric currents,some natural phenomena,light ,stars and solar system,pollution of air and water,geneal and applied science.
  • CLASS-IX Motion,force and laws of motion,gravitation,work and energy,sound,matter in our surroundings,Is matter around us Pure?atoms and molecules,structure of atom,the fundamental unit of life,tissues,diversity in living organisms,why do we fall ill? natural resources,improvement infood resources,Geneal and applied sciences.
  • CLASS-X Chemical reaction and equations,acids bases and salts,metals and non metals,carbon and its compounds,Periodic classification of elements,life processes,control nad coordination,How do organisms reproduce?Heredity and evolution,Light-reflection and refraction,human eye and colourful world,electricity,Magnetic effects of electric currents,sources of energy,Our Environment,Management of natural resources,General and applied science.


  • CLASS-III Number System, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Time and Calendar, Money, Unitary method, Measurement, Pictograph, Lines, Angles and Triangles, Data handling,Knowing Patterns, Applied Mathematics.
  • CLASS-IV Number System, Operation on Numbers, Roman Numerals, Factors and multiples, Fraction, Decimals,Money, Unitary Method, Geometrical Concepts, Area and Perimeter of Geometrical Figures,Graphical Representation of Data, Data handling, Applied Mathematics.
  • CLASS-V Number System, Operation on Numbers, Roman Numerals, Factors and Multiples,Fractions, Decimals, Geometrical Concepts, Area and Perimeter of Geometrical Figures, GraphicalRepresentation of Data, Number Series, Applied Mathematics.
  • CLASS-VI Number System and its Operation, Fractions and Decimals, LCM and HCF, Ratio, Proportion,Algebraic Expression, Line, Angles and Triangles, Perimeter, Area and Volume of Geometrical Figures,Symmetry, Applied Mathematics.
  • CLASS-VII Number System and Its Operations, Fractions and Decimals, Rational Numbers, Exponents & powers,Algebraic Expression, Linear Equation, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest,Data Handling, Mensuration, Line, Angles and Triangles, Ratio and Proportion, Applied Mathematics,Mathematical Reasoning.
  • CLASS-VIII Rational Number, Powers and exponents, Square and Square Root, Cube and Cube Root, Algebraic Expression, Factorization, Linear Equation, Direct and inverse proportions, Time and Work,Percentage, Profit and Loss, Compound Interest and Simple Interest, Mensuration, Data handling, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Reasoning.
  • CLASS-IX Real Numbers, Polynomials Logarithms, Linear Equation in Two Variables, Line & Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Statistics, Probability, Coordinate Geometry, Circles, Mathematical Reasoning and Logical Ability, Applied Mathematics.
  • CLASS-X Number System, Polynomials, Linear Equation, Quadratic Equation, Arithmetic progression, Coordinate Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry, Circles, Triangles, Probability, Sequence and Series, Mensuration, Mathematical Reasoning and Logical Ability, Applied Mathematics.
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