Principal’s Message

Fr. Rijo John

The Management of St. Paul’s Academy had a dream when the school was established in New Rajnagar, in the year 1980.

The Management of St. Paul’s Academy had a dream when the school was established in New Rajnagar, in the year 1980. It believed in harnessing the inborn potential of every child entering its portal and empowering him with knowledge through an all round education befitting the demands of the time. The school has tried its best to provide an environment conducive to the physical, moral and intellectual development of its students.

We are quite aware of the fact that today parents aspire to provide the best quality education possible to their wards. Education is a process of not only of enlightening the mind but also of building character; it has to prepare them for the challenge of tomorrow. Every educational institution established has some noble objective in view to achieve. And every organization can succeed only when its focus is on this cherished dream. Our country is looking forward to have many young leaders, youth with ability and responsibility to lead our nation to meet the future challenges. Today, Leadership demands greater commitment to act very responsibly in the society and to the nation. I am reminded of the words of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in his first speech to the nation after independence: No nation whose people are narrow minded in thought and action can ever progress and grow great.

The heritage of our nation we know is very ancient; but let us not forget the fact that ours is a nation that is still young. Ours is a nation with more than 50% of its people below 25 years. We should feel proud to know that one out of six people in the world is an Indian. In terms of human resources, we have tremendous man power and our educational institutions have a wider role to play and not to marginalize millions of our young children. They are indispensable in the building up of our nation. I am really happy to know that the alumni of St. Paul’s Academy, Ghaziabad have reached practically in all fields of service and in all parts of the world. I hope they too will be in touch with their Alma Mater through the school website. Let it be a means of better interconnectivity among themselves and with the school so that St. Paul becomes a global school community.

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